{August 30, 2011}

Cooking Meat

Kimchi: The steamed egg soup is super good. We really enjoyed eating the meats with rice paper and daikon vegetable. Their other banchan weren’t that impressive in my opinion. My favorite was probably the brisket.

Martini: I love the side dishes this place had, well worth the $20 or so dollars I paid for. I usually get the spicy tofu soup, I love that stuff. This place pretty much had it all in my opinion.


Squid & other cuts of meat

Kimchi: You can have a small disposable cup of their pumpkin juiceĀ  before you leave the restaurant. It’s surprisingly really good and very refreshing after all that meat.

Martini: The meat choices were varied enough so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating the same meat. The best part is that when me and Kimchi went here, our chef friend was the one in charge of cooking so no work at all!

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