{July 30, 2012}
Red Velvet

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Kimchi: We came here for National Cheesecake Day, where any cheesecake is half off (so it was $4 for one instead of $8)! We almost always get the Red Velvet Cheesecake because it is ginormous and simply amazing. Two layers of moist red velvet cake, which goes so well with two layers of cheesecake, and some type of cream cheese frosting top. However, this time, it was surprisingly a disappointment. The red velvet cake layers looked more brown and dry and tasted…like a normal chocolate cake. Not the amazing moist cake we were used to.

Martini: Of all the times we’ve had this cheesecake, this was probably the worst, only because we’ve been so spoiled by how moist and soft it usually is. This time it wasn’t anywhere near as good.


Banana Cheesecake

Kimchi: The banana cheesecake made up for the red velvet. It is probably one of the lighter tasting cheesecakes you’ll find at Cheesecake Factory. The banana does not overpower the cheesecake, but it gives a subtle flavor to the cake that is delicious with the slices of bananas and whipped cream on the side.

Martini: Unlike the red velvet which overwhelms you with sweetness and flavor, the banana cheesecake is sort of the opposite. The flavor is sneaky, if that makes sense haha. It’s very light like Kimchi said and sometimes I prefer that. It’s very unique and I really like it.

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